granted us as part of the 2nd round of their Booking Cares programme. We were 1 of the 7 grantees chosen from the 300 sustainable tourism projects that applied last year. Booking’s CEO, Gillian Tans, just announced their commitment to sustainable travel, a big part of this being through the Booking Cares initiative.

Here are a few words from our project sponsor….

“We invested in this project because we really see the potential of renewable jet fuel to revolutionize the future of sustainable air travel. With a mission to empower people to experience the world, at we want to help travellers explore and enjoy thousands of unique destinations in every corner of the globe. Today, air travel is a big part of global travel, but it does come with some sustainability challenges. This project from the University of Amsterdam aims to address these concerns while simultaneously finding an innovative solution to two pressing environmental challenges: food waste and fuel pollution. As such, we are excited to see the impact this project can have on helping shape a more sustainable future for the industry.”

Marianne Gybels, Global Manager Corporate Social Responsibility – 

Port of Amsterdam is strategically interested in biofuel projects and sees the potential of Jet Fuel from Waste. This is the type of project we see being suited to the eco-system of the port when is gets to pilot level.”

Job van der Kroft – Commercial Manager – Port of Amsterdam

“FGA work towards green recovery in light of COVID-19 and see that the development of the technology at UvA fully supports work in this area. We are working with policy makers, corporate travellers and travel management companies to reshape the future of the travel industry and to encourage support of innovation and research in the travel industry first hand. We are in a rethink moment and believe going forward there will be significant leaps towards sustainable travel behaviour.”

Sarah Wilkin – CEO, Fly Green Alliance 

“I believe the process that is being developed at the University of Amsterdam by Shiju Raveendran is a real promising option to transform organic wastes into aviation fuels from an efficiency and an environmental perspective.”

John Posada Duque – Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, TU Delft 

Strategic Consortia – we are currently working with potential partners from different sectors to develop a consortium for scaling up to a pilot, some of these partners will apply for the next research grant with us and act as project endorsers. This is under development and we will host a stakeholder workshop in Amsterdam in May 2019 to discuss the wider topics of global emissions targets, EU policies and regulations, the circular economy within tourism and waste management and discuss the scale up potential and opportunities.

Sustainable aviation fuels….are the only low-carbon fuels available for aviation in the short to mid-term.” IATA

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