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I attended All about Impactful Investing at King’s College London, where City leaders in investment funds discussed how impact reporting was becoming a developing skill, even discussing how the intangible was becoming a value, Trucost was discussing Total Value Analysis and that now funds are often tied to individual SDGs.

Thomas Schafbauer from Arabesque mentioned investments are changing to align with investors values rather than ROI, so a social return on investment. Strong indicator that the way we do business is changing and brands need to develop sustainability as part of strategic or financial pillars and should develop their narrative to build trust, green washing has taken this away and so genuine demonstratable comms need to show that what they are doing is not just CSR policy.  It was very interesting to hear what is happening in the City right now.

Thanks King’s Impact Investing Society. I look forward to supporting Sustainance.org.uk

Sarah Wilkin 

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