On December 11th, while having a beer and a few bitten ballen with my fellow Booking Cares friends from the Philippines, we were told that our project was granted . I laughed and celebrated and then cried from relief. It was a huge achievement for Dr Raveendran and I.  We were extremely pleased as it meant we could continue with our work on the innovation of waste-to-fuel and dedicate the next year to building our project up with the support, network and mentorship from such a great global brand.

I had personally ‘gone for broke’ on our project and had stopped working in my previous role to concentrate on the Booking Cares proposal, as I believed¬†in Dr Raveendran’s abilities and the need to work on important projects such as ours. With that said I am now proud to be one of main drivers of this project and will work towards building a team and a successful strategy.

Thank you Booking.com and especially Sebastian Cervetto who was the first one at Booking.com to show us support.

We look forward to working on this global challenge with the Booking.com team.


Sarah Wilkin

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