Our disruptive biofuel technology is uniquely turning waste into fuel in a one step process. Our patentable process can take wet feedstock (bio waste) meaning further savings on energy, making it a more cost effective solution overall.

We are using the principles of the circular economy to gather the waste from tourism and hospitality, and any other industries producing organic waste, and turning this into fuel to provide a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels for travel.

In March 2019 we appointed a technician at the University of Amsterdam Science Park, to work on developing our lab scale biofuel innovation, within 1 year with the grant from Booking.com, we’ll be ready to scale to a pilot outside of the university lab on a site in Amsterdam.

With secure feedstock from the likes of Afval Energie Bedrijf and more we are on the right track to scaling this exciting project to meet one of the biggest global challenges right now.

Currently we are working towards building a consortia of strategic partners who we will apply for our next research grant with and who will work with us to scaleup to a startup.