Dr Shiju Raveendran

CTO / Associate Professor at UvA

Dr Raveendran is Associate Professor at University of Amsterdam working within sustainable chemistry. His specialty being catalysis engineering.

He has worked in the US, India and the UK winning many awards such as UvA Science Park New Ideas Prize and being granted by Netherlands Scientific Organisation (NOW) and the European Union.

In 2010, he won the Amsterdam Science Park Ideas Prize for the discovery of a new catalyst and was awarded Emerging Investigator by Elsevier and the International conference on Nanomaterials recognising his research contributions.

He also works with industry with such companies as Tata Steel and Waternet amongst others to solve efficiency and sustainability based challenges.

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Sarah Wilkin

Business Development / Founder of Fly Green Alliance 

Sarah and Dr Raveendran were joint applicants when applying for the grant.

Sarah has a background in market research, publishing, digital production and has produced large global advertising campaigns for many brands. She made a decision to shift her focus when meeting Dr Raveendran and they agreed to work together on energy transition projects.

She has now set up Fly Green Alliance  which is a  climate action think tank tasked with the mission to decarbonise the aviation sector by working with industry to promote research, production and supply of sustainable aviation fuel. Fly Green Alliance (FGA) are actively involved with the political debate and have been building awareness across all sectors including the global financial sector, the corporate business sector, as well as the consumer sector.


Ornella Cosomati

Public Affairs & Sustainability Communications

Ornella is bringing sustainability and public affairs experience to our project, in our effort to galvanise political and societal change in the space of sustainable tourism. She has experience in public affairs and strategic partnerships across different industrial sectors mostly related to international climate, sustainability and circular economy debates. She is Italian and is currently based in Brussels after having lived in the UK and Australia.


Manuel Eberhart

Business Analyst

Manuel has a background in political economics and is currently pursuing his masters degree in Environment & Resource Management at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.  He has chosen to work with us on our project with the support of the Institute of Environment Studies (IVM). He is passionate about tackling the waste and energy challenges of the future in the aviation industry with a circular approach within cities.