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Dr Raveeendran and I were invited to attend a 4 day workshop at’s HQ in Amsterdam December 4-7th. We were shortlisted along with another 12 projects and were given the opportunity to be granted by the Booking Cares programme.

Booking put on a great programme of events to introduce us to the other teams and projects, to tell us about the work they are doing and to help us to create our proposal deck ready for our interview with the Booking Cares judges.

We were also asked to input on the programme itself and to give our thoughts on’s strategy for sustainable tourism in the future.

A lot was at stake for our project but the atmosphere was relaxed and help was available from our mentor and the Booking Cares team.

Sarah Wilkin 


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It was announced that we would attend a workshop in Amsterdam December 4-7 where we would create our proposal and be given the opportunity to potentially gain a grant to progress our work in waste-to-fuel.

The application process opened in August 2018 and closed in September. By October we’d been invited for a skype interview and then later in the month were told we were shortlisted further.

I’d emailed Dr Raveendran to find out about his sustainable chemistry work on 18th December 2017 and we met in January 2018, when we decided we could potentially work on turning waste into jet fuel.

Sarah Wilkin


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Shortlisted for the Booking Cares programme