Traveldoo & The British Travel Association presents ‘Planet Plan Sustainability Conference’

February 10, 2020By adminUncategorized

Last week, Sarah Wilkin, founder of Fly Green Alliance (FGA) and Business Developer for Jet Fuel from Waste was invited to present at an event held at the Expedia office in London discussing sustainability in the travel sector.

FGA presented the research work of the University of Amsterdam which turns waste into aviation fuel and discussed that FGA was set up due to the need to raise awareness about the possibilities of flying green.

The event hosted by The British Association and Traveldoo created a sense of urgency and was set up as a forum to discuss how decarbonisation in the sector is possible through smart collaborations and a deeper understanding of the task at hand.

Flying was certainly on the agenda at the event, with one panel dedicated to whether airlines can achieve net zero by 2050. Lufthansa, easyJet and FGA were asked questions, by Clive Warren of The British Travel Association, on technology, investment and about the need to fly less?

It was acknowledged that the aviation industry states: fleet update, more efficient air traffic management and sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) as being the 3 main decarbonisation factors in the short to medium term.

easyJet and Lufthansa stating that SAF is too expensive for them to purchase right now, that aviation is a very price sensitive sector but they are open to this in the future once the price is lower. Lufthansa having a programme in place which does allow customers to purchase SAF for their flights.

FGA mentioning that the work they are doing is with a view to bringing the price of SAF down but there will be conscious customers and an audience willing to pay more to fly sustainably in the future.

FGA are building awareness for the industry and specifically for research projects that do reduce emissions in the sector. They will be part of the line up at the next CACTUS meeting, a group set up for climate action in the corporate traveller group, and will be held at the Microsoft office in London 28th February.

There was big a realisation at the event that there is much work to decarbonise and that those in attendance wanted to be part of this.

See the event on linkedIn here and here.