Leeds University learning about Circular Economy and biofuel for aviation in AMS

April 17, 2019By adminUncategorized

This week we introduced a group of University of Leeds students studying Environmental and Sustainability Studies to Cafe de Ceuvel, an award winning energy self-sufficient circular initiative which has redeveloped an old shipping yard in North Amsterdam.

We want to work with universities and education institutes and be part of the future workforce gaining knowledge and ideas in order to push innovation and thought leadership further.

We are interested in what the circular economy symbolises and how it can demonstrate a smarter approach to resource and waste management, design and systems.

Our project looks to demonstrate that within tourism we can create a circular economy by turning waste from tourism and hospitality back into biofuel for flights which is one of the ways to decarbonise our travel and remove waste from landfill.

We were happy to share this experience with the group of interested students from Leeds Uni and their Associate Professor of Sustainability, Lucie Middlemiss.

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Environmental & Sustainability degree students at Cafe de Ceuvel