Booking’s CEO announces commitment to sustainable tourism

March 27, 2019By adminUncategorized’s CEO, Gillan Tans, just announced on linkedin their committment to sustainable tourism through their Booking Cares programme which we are happy we are part of:

Our mission at is to empower people to experience the world. But, for us, sustainable travel is key to doing so responsibly, and ensuring that all of us can continue to encounter destinations across the world that are still worth exploring.

Our definition of travelling sustainably involves tourism dispersal (spreading the fruits of tourism more widely and relieving some of the pressures of overtourism), environmental conservation and protection, inclusive travel, and cultural preservation and promotion. This year, through our Booking Cares initiative, our commitment to sustainable travel was bigger than ever. More from our Booking Cares annual update here.

We are listed in the Booking Cares annual report which can be found here.