Strategy & Branding Day with Lab Rooms

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We had a strategy and branding day with our friends at Lab Rooms which myself, Dr Raveendran of University of Amsterdam and Ornella Cosomati, our public affairs and sustainability adviser, attended. We all put our heads together with the support of the Lab Rooms design team and strategists to think about what branded look we should go for and what our messaging should be.

We have not found our final name yet but feel that our research project should be named Jet Fuel from Waste until we find the right fit.


Sarah Wilkin

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Impactful Investing Conference

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I attended All about Impactful Investing at King’s College London, where City leaders in investment funds discussed how impact reporting was becoming a developing skill, even discussing how the intangible was becoming a value, Trucost was discussing Total Value Analysis and that now funds are often tied to individual SDGs.

Thomas Schafbauer from Arabesque mentioned investments are changing to align with investors values rather than ROI, so a social return on investment. Strong indicator that the way we do business is changing and brands need to develop sustainability as part of strategic or financial pillars and should develop their narrative to build trust, green washing has taken this away and so genuine demonstratable comms need to show that what they are doing is not just CSR policy.  It was very interesting to hear what is happening in the City right now.

Thanks King’s Impact Investing Society. I look forward to supporting

Sarah Wilkin 

Nordic Dutch Circular Economy Summit – January

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The Dutch Prime Minister said the Circular Economy is for the white wine sipping middle class. This was part of the discussion at the event that was put on by the Dutch and Nordic Chambers of Commerce on January 15th.

Ambassadors from each country – Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland – were in attendance and gave a short talk mentioning examples of what each of their respective countries were doing to promote the Circular Economy.

Robert Schroder of the European Commission discussed the framework the Commission has put into place so that each country can choose their own path without too much prescription.

There was some discussion around how can we make it not for the white-wine-sipping- middle-class. One of our answer is to put it into education programmes and teach those in education these new ways. We truly believe this is one of the best approaches and that is why we are attending a panel discussion at Ecole de Lausanne to talk with students about what to do with waste within hospitality. EHL teaches of the financial benefits of the circular economy, very practically and does not promote it as a CSR policy. This is also why we will also work with University of Leeds and be part of a field trip of theirs in Amsterdam where we will present different circular economy initiatives.

As Greta Thunberg makes waves globally I think it is clear that our future is going to be in the hands of a younger generation that wants drastic change. The future is circular.


Sarah Wilkin 

Speaker list: Nordic Dutch Circular Economy Summit

Granted by

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On December 11th, while having a beer and a few bitten ballen with my fellow Booking Cares friends from the Philippines, we were told that our project was granted . I laughed and celebrated and then cried from relief. It was a huge achievement for Dr Raveendran and I.  We were extremely pleased as it meant we could continue with our work on the innovation of waste-to-fuel and dedicate the next year to building our project up with the support, network and mentorship from such a great global brand.

I had personally ‘gone for broke’ on our project and had stopped working in my previous role to concentrate on the Booking Cares proposal, as I believed in Dr Raveendran’s abilities and the need to work on important projects such as ours. With that said I am now proud to be one of main drivers of this project and will work towards building a team and a successful strategy.

Thank you and especially Sebastian Cervetto who was the first one at to show us support.

We look forward to working on this global challenge with the team.


Sarah Wilkin

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Attended workshop

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Dr Raveeendran and I were invited to attend a 4 day workshop at’s HQ in Amsterdam December 4-7th. We were shortlisted along with another 12 projects and were given the opportunity to be granted by the Booking Cares programme.

Booking put on a great programme of events to introduce us to the other teams and projects, to tell us about the work they are doing and to help us to create our proposal deck ready for our interview with the Booking Cares judges.

We were also asked to input on the programme itself and to give our thoughts on’s strategy for sustainable tourism in the future.

A lot was at stake for our project but the atmosphere was relaxed and help was available from our mentor and the Booking Cares team.

Sarah Wilkin